The Liver‐Gallbladder Flush


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Preparation: Drink as much Organic (or 100% pure) APPLE JUICE as comfortable, for 5 ‐ 6 days before the liver flush, to soften gall stones. For maximum softening, add PHOSFOOD drops (ortho‐phosphoric acid) to the apple juice, for a total of 60 drops per day.


Rinse your teeth after taking the ortho‐phosphoric acid: Brush them briefly with a BAKING SODA solution (or Milk of Magnesia), to neutralize the acid. "Phosfood Liquid" It is sold by some homeopathic pharmacies, vitamin suppliers, and by some health practitioners. "Super Phos 30" is a similar product.



3 hours following dinner, and 7 hours before bed, typically on a Saturday. (For an 11 pm bedtime, finish eating dinner by 1 pm.)

Take 2 Table‐spoons (1 oz.) EPSOM SALTS, dissolved in 6 oz. cool water. Then rinse your mouth with water. (Use a "shaker jar" to dissolve the Epsom salts. The taste is much less objectionable with cool water.) Drink more water, as desired...

Epsom salts are MgSO4 ‐‐ magnesium sulfate ‐‐ an intestinal purge, and also a muscle relaxant for the bile ducts and the gall bladder, to prevent cramps and retention of gall stones. Epsom salts are available in most drug stores.

Hour 2

Optional, but always to be used if "stomach cramps" occur during the liver flush. (This is rare when using epsom salts. Cramps would indicate that stones are lodged in, and blocking liver ducts.) However, this step is very beneficial in ALL cases, to stimulate the liver's release of waste and bile.

Begin with several plain, warm‐water enemas ‐ then follow with a 4 cup ORGANIC COFFEE enema. Use 1 Table‐spoon (1/2 oz.) coffee per cup, drip‐filtered. Dissolve 1/2 cup (4 oz.) EPSOM SALTS into the hot coffee, then cool the coffee down to 98 ‐ 100 degrees F. (body temperature) before using. (You can rapidly cool the pan in a sink of cold water.) Retain the coffee enema for 10 ‐ 15 minutes, while relaxing in a reclining position on a floor mat.

Hour 3

Take 1 Table‐spoon (1/2 oz.) EPSOM SALTS, dissolved in 4 oz. cool water. Then rinse your mouth with water.

Drink more water, as desired...

Hour 4.5

(Optional) This step is used to increase bile flow, which helps dislodge stones deep in the liver ducts. This step also helps to eliminate hunger.

Eat: 8 oz. CREAM on fresh berries or FRUIT, mixed. (organic heavy cream, without carrageenan) (frozen berries are optional if necessary) or: These variations have also worked: 8 oz. CREAM and 6 ‐ 8 oz. fruit KEFIR, mixed. or: 16 ‐ 32 oz. vanilla HIGH‐FAT ICE CREAM. (quality ice cream, without carrageenan)

Hour 7

Bedtime ‐‐ Have the required items prepared : Have a TIMER handy, and also ALKA‐SELTZER "GOLD". Take 4 oz. (1/2 cup) room- temp. Organic OLIVE OIL, followed by 4 oz. fresh‐squeezed LEMON JUICE. Olive oil, taken following the above procedure, causes the liver ducts and the gall bladder to forcefully contract, and expel their collection of gall gravel and gall stones. (The acid lemon juice speeds the transit of the olive oil thru the stomach and into the duodenum, which helps prevent or minimize nausea.)

Next: Rinse your teeth: Brush them briefly with a BAKING SODA solution (or Milk of Magnesia), to neutralize the acid of the lemon juice.

*** Go Immediately to Bed, "face down." Pull your right knees fully upwards, towards your right shoulder. A pillow under your left shoulder will help.

Now relax into this position, and then shift your weight to your right side. Keep your right knee held fully upwards, to your chest. Using a TIMER, hold this position for 30 minutes. (You can briefly stretch your right leg, if necessary.) Gall bladder contractions and expulsion of stones will occur at this time. These can often be felt and heard.

Optional, but helpful: Massage your gall bladder with your finger tips, up under your right ribs. After 30 minutes ‐ relax, stretch out, and go to sleep.

If any nausea or acid‐reflux is felt during the night, get up and immediately take ALKA‐SELTZER "GOLD" in water (the "Gold" type contains no aspirin). This is safe and effective.

The following morning, immediately do the following : Take 2 Tea‐spoons (1/3 oz.) EPSOM SALTS, dissolved in 3 oz. cool

water. Next, drink 8 ‐ 12 ounces of water. Later, drink more water or orange juice, as desired. Wait 2 ‐ 3 hours before

eating a light breakfast. Plan to repeat the liver flush at least 6 times, especially when large gall stones (1/2 to 1+ inches across) are expelled ‐‐

or when there is a large volume of stones (more than about 1/4 cup). If few (or no) gall stones are seen, this is OK ‐‐ however this is usually a false negative. Repeat the flush in 4 ‐ 6 weeks. When a large volume of gall stones is seen, the liver flush should be repeated in 2 weeks.


Tips and Insight

Generally, the liver flush is repeated at 2 ‐ 4 week intervals until the volume of gall stones seen (each time) has been greatly reduced. This can require 10 ‐ 15 flushes, or more, because your liver will be "pulling" cholesterol out of your body, where it may have accumulated for many years or decades.

After the initial series, repeat the liver flush 2 ‐ 4 times per year, for "maintenance."

Liver cleanse ‐ Gallbladder cleanse ‐ Liver flush ‐ NO surgery