Wholistic Wellness

Beginning with Hippocrates, relating to the whole person was and still is an inherent part of the traditional healing heritage.

The word Wholism was coined by J.C Smuts to designate "the tendency in nature to produce organized "wholes" (bodies or organisms) from ordered grouping of units." Wholistic Wellness is often referred to as a worldview, which incorporates the reality that the Whole, is greater than the parts. When a person has a disease, the whole person is accounted for including his Physical, and Emotional, Social, rather than solely the symptom of a disease this also includes environmental and subtle factors.  

The Healing Power of Nature is the inherent Intelligence, self-organizing and present in all living systems. This inner-physician is inherent to all life, which establishes, maintains, and restores health. This includes a deeply caring support for all life, the quality of life and relationships.

We are all unique, individual expressions of the Whole. 

The whole person according to the WHO, which provides a wonderful explanation of the definition of health as :

  • Health is a state of complete physical, emotional, mental, and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.

Positive Health and Wholeness is an overall state of being. 

This Wholistic approach begins with the assumption that health is a positive and active state, an inherent characteristic of whole and integrated human beings when we are in a state of harmony.

  • A person is not a "patient" with a "disease" syndrome or entity but a whole being. They are "living" and not a machine.  

  • Wholistic Healing includes Physical, Environmental, Mental, Emotional, Spiritual, as well as Social aspects.  Such as Families, communication, culture, and geopathic stress. 

  • Health is not simply just the absence of disease but the development and conditioning of a deeper awareness of influences.  The individual adaptability responses to stress and how to develop this dynamism to prevent disease and reach our unique inherent potential.

  • Illness is an opportunity for self-discovery and personal development, and shift from an Ego-self awareness to a state of Wholeness. Illness does not occur without cause. Wellness is when we turn "I" into "We". 

  • Achieved when the physical, vital, mental, supramental, and bliss bodies of consciousness are in tune and in congruence with the core source.