Life of a Cell

Trace elements are more important than are the vitamins, in that they cannot be synthesized by living matter. Thus they are the basic spark-plugs in the chemistry of life, on which the exchanges of energy in the combustion of foods and the building of living tissues depends.
— Dr. Henry Schroeder, The Trace Elements and Man

Have a look at the wonderful orchestra that is within the cells.

This is where mineral levels and ratios on a HTMA ultimately determine physiological and cognitive performance. By optimizing our cellular functions, we optimize overall performance.

When our cells are nourished with elemental nutrients at the optimal levels and ratios, they are able to perform the infinitely complex dance of life.

The Inner Life of a Cell. Narrated with music.  3D animation illustrating the complexity of cellular interaction.

This short film was created to help explain cellular processes to students at Harvard's Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology (BioVision initiative).