The impact of nutrition on epigenetic expression is being studied extensively. The integration of Epigenetics and Nutrition has resulted in a new field called Nutrigenomics.

Nutrigenomics is the study of how food, along with its constituents, effects our genetic expression. Below is a neat lecture from Hawthorn University by Andrea Pryce, ND called Nutrigenomics: How Food Affects Our Genes. 

Nutrients are dietary signals that are detected by cellular sensor systems that influence gene and protein expression, and subsequently metabolite production
— Andrea Pryce, ND
How do health-gene relationships work? Your unique genetic variations effect how your body responds to nutrients in the diet, and nutrition can affect how your genes are expressed. Nutrigenomics, or how does food affect our genes? Over the course of human evolution, diet has profoundly molded human metabolic capacities and thus paved the way for the emergence of modern diseases.