One of the advantages of a Nutritional Balancing program is its unique ability to safely and comfortably assist in the elimination of many toxic metals, toxic chemicals, radioactive particles, and biological toxins. Mental and emotional toxins are slowly brought to the surface so that the mind can process these as well. 

In Nutritional Balancing, over a dozen different methods are coordinated to assist the body with its own innate cleansing mechanisms simultaneously.

These include:

Reducing many toxic exposures. This is accomplished through a nourishing and nutritious diet for our metabolic type, proper drinking water, and an overall healthful lifestyle. 

Increase adaptive energy. As the oxidation rate comes into balance, along with the mineral levels and ratios, we begin to enable far more energy for activating the body's innate healing mechanisms for detoxification and regeneration. This is the major difference between many other programs.

Increase rest and sleep. Critical for maximum detoxification and regeneration of the body.

Remove the need for emotional, and physical compensations. Many toxins act as compensatory mechanisms. Removing the need for these chemicals appears to allow the toxins to be removed more easily.  

Balancing Yin/Yang. Balancing these subtle qualities strengthens the body and increases our jing or our adaptive energy. 

Balancing the autonomic nervous system. Detoxification is primarily a parasympathetic activity, involving parasympathetic organs such as the liver, the kidneys, and intestines. Activities that promote the parasympathetic activity, or inhibits sympathetic activity assists greatly in detoxification. Some examples include:

  • Enemas, and colonic irrigations. 
  • Nourishing diet, free of stimulants such as excitotoxins like MSG or aspartame. 
  • Meditation and relaxation techniques such as biofeedback, massage, sound therapy or other techniques that assist in relaxation.
  • Removing toxic materials from the body that irritate the central nervous system including oxide forms of iron, manganese, aluminum, copper, etc. which appear to act as oxidants and irritants that activate the sympathetic state.
  • Sauna Therapy, especially when done upon awakening in the morning, or just before bedtime. 
  • Anti-anxiety herbs, such as reishi mushroom, as found by quality companies such as Superfeast. 

Reduce the harmful stress of all kinds. Stress interferes with detoxification for several reasons. 

  • The body utilizes its adaptive energy to compensate for stress.
  • The perception of a stress of any kind activates the parasympathetic nervous system impairing detoxification.
  • The body depletes vital nutrients such as minerals like zinc and magnesium which are critical for the detoxification enzymes. 

Stress weakens the overall vitality of the body. Excess stress and lack of forgiveness can affect how we eliminate or let go of other toxins in our life, making the process of detoxification more difficult.

Replacing less preferred minerals with more preferred minerals.  This is an important aspect in restoring the body's enzyme systems. When the body is adequately nourished with its preferred vital nutrient elements such as Zinc, Selenium, Chromium, Magnesium and others, many toxic minerals in millions of enzymes sites are restored and replaced with the preferred element of the body. This also refers back to the compensations our bodies and minds make when we are deficient in vital nutrients. This is one example of how Nutritional Balancing safely assists the detoxification process by increasing the overall vitality of the body.    

Supports the Elimination Organs. As a holistic system, Nutritional Balancing utilizes at least a dozen methods to improve the overall function of these organs ranging from resting, improving diet, and saunas. 

Increase the temperature of the body and normalize enzyme activity. Many people today have a low body temperature due to fatigue, illness, or decreased thyroid or adrenal activity. Nutritional Balancing assists to normalize this by increasing the oxidation rate, along with utilising the sauna's heat, and infrared rays.   

Deep cleansing of Liver, and Large Intestine with coffee enema's and/or colon hydrotherapy.

The use of antagonists. Certain nutrients and compounds oppose or inhibit the absorption of toxic compounds by competing for absorption. Some antagonists replace the less preferred minerals in enzyme binding sites, others grab on or dislodge toxic chemicals from their storage sites in the body. These are called chelators, a special type of antagonist with its etymology referring to a claw.  Another type of antagonist "escort" the toxins out of the body, for example, choline may help reduce the effects of pesticides that are cholinesterase inhibitors. Antibiotics are antagonists to bacteria. For infections, however, Nutritional Balancing uses safer, and often times, more effective agents such as colloidal silver and bee propolis.

Clearing Mental and Emotional toxins. Emotional blocks can inhibit detoxification just as much as constipation. Methods that are a part of Nutritional Balancing that could help release these include: reducing overall physical toxic level, enhancing overall vitality, improving memory, cognition, and personality integration. In addition to these are counselling, meditation, biofeedback, hypnotherapy, Neurolinguistic Programming,  Nature Immersion, Colour Therapy, and many other methods.

The right type of drinking water.  Distilled water is very low in minerals and is often called "hungry water". As a result, distilled water is used to hold and help remove from the body many minerals and other toxic substances. Distilled Water can be used to assist in detoxification, but not for long-term use, as it will eventually remove too many minerals from the body. Spring Water is the recommended drinking water on a Nutritional Balancing Program. 

Uncovering layers of toxins.  Many times, toxins are buried deep within the body's organs. Nutritional Balancing slowly brings up these layers to be uncovered over a period of several years or more. The allopathic concept of identifying a single toxic metal as the cause for a symptom is partially effective. Everyone has toxic metals in their bodies, often in layers, the deeper layers are not revealed by any testing, including hair tests, until these begin to become uncovered. 

Eliminate many chronic infections. Eliminating infections in our body allows us to fully utilize our adaptive energy. Many infections produce powerful toxins inhibiting our body's overall vitality. Nutritional Balancing methods for eliminating infections include:

  • Heating the body with saunas and hot baths, a simple form of fever therapy.
  • Balancing the body chemistry to enhance adaptive energy. 
  • Removing toxic metals and replenishing missing vital nutrients.
  • Improving Sodium/Potassium ratio, in particular, along with other mineral imbalances.
  • Improving circulation, oxygenation, and hydration. 
  • Healing emotional traumas or other issues that weaken the immune response. 
  • At times, using specific antimicrobial agents such as colloidal silver, bee propolis, extra vitamin C and A, or a few others.

Parasite Cleansing. Parasites can produce toxic substances in the intestines, and they interfere with proper digestion and absorption of nutrients. Parasites are slowly eliminated through Nutritional Balancing. Only rarely is a specific form of therapy required for them. Methods used to eliminate parasites in Nutritional Balancing are:

  • GB-3. Pancreatic and Liver enzymes in GB-3 digest many parasites, and also weaken others.
  • Daily use of an infrared sauna can be very helpful to stimulate circulation and raise the body's temperature. Affecting the bio-terrain and weakening parasites. 
  • Coffee Enema's and other colon cleansing techniques can dislodge parasites. 
  • Increasing the Vitality of the body by balancing the oxidation rate, and replenishing many vital nutrients such as vitamins, minerals assists in making the host less susceptible to opportunistic organisms, while minimizing the terrain hospitable by parasitic organisms.  
  • Herbal Remedies may be helpful, however, less effective without a wholistic approach and/or under the supervision of a trained herbalist. Not very effective if the Bio-terrain is full of debris for the parasites to feed and defecate upon in the intestines.

Other therapies when needed.  Nutritional Balancing is not intended to be a complete healing system. All healing arts have their respective place.

Methods such as bodywork, chiropractic, foot reflexology, acupressure, massage, jin shin jyutsu, acupuncture using needles, and chromotherapy may all greatly assist detoxification at certain times. This is the true beauty of an integrative approach and the key to Nutritional Balancing. 

Skin Brushing Method

Brush your skin once a day with a natural-bristle dry skin brush that you can find at health food stores.

  • Start with your arms, front and back, moving from the fingertips up into the armpit, always brushing towards the heart.
  • Then do each leg, front and back, starting with the feet and brushing upward. Follow each leg up through the pelvis, buttocks, abdomen, and lower back. Then do the chest and upper back, always brushing toward the heart.

•Note: If you wish you can lightly do the face and head, using downward strokes. Keep the brush dry (never get it wet). Just as you wouldn’t use someone else’s toothbrush, be sure that only you use your skin brush. If skin brushing is painful, do it lightly and persevere, the discomfort will pass. The chest, abdomen and inner thigh should be done lightly.