inner healer

Nourishing Life Force

Our Human body’s innate and regenerative healing capacity functions through elegant and interdependent connections.  These connections are between our cells and the microbiota that we host as a superorganism.  These two basic units of the human supraorganism, communicate, support, and promote each other's duties through teamwork and symbiotic relationships. 

The animating force is called the vital life force, and it is present in all "living beings".  In the natural arts, it is this intelligent "energy" that endeavours to maintain functional integrity and harmony. Its movements are responsible for the inherent tendency of all living beings to move forward and grow, as well as the expression of symptoms.

The natural healing force within each of us, is the greatest force in getting well
— Hippocrates, Father of Western Medicine
The secret of medicine is to distract the patient, while Nature heals itself
— Voltaire
Nature never deceives us, it is always us who deceive ourselves
— Rousseau
Allow [the] physiologic function within to manifest its own unerring potency rather than apply a blind force from without.
— William G. Sutherland DO

These quotes from history, circumscribe the vital and innate life force. It's our inner physician. Developing an understanding of the basic principles of mineral balancing, cellular communication, reciprocal teamwork and cellular polarity, will allow us to begin to support, optimize, balance, energize and restore the innate and vital life force physiology that is essential to restoring harmony and maintain our innate regenerative capacity against the forces of entropy. 

In order to fully appreciate the profound and awe inspiring innate intelligence of Nature, firstly, it is important to acknowledge that each aspect of human is a part of a whole. Whether it be the lowliest of single-celled bacteria, or the most highly complex multi-celled superorganism such as a human being, every single expression of Nature has an inherent function, purpose or dharma. This is also true for us as humans. Every single being, is a unique expression of the whole. Both part and parcel. These functions, however minute or purposeless as they may appear at the surface level, can dramatically influence on a grand scale the movements of the vital life force and its functions in response to stimuli or stressors. They can enhance or negate our innate functions, by assisting in the regeneration of stress-induced damaged organs and/or other systems of the body.

In Quantum Medicine and Integrative Nutritional Balancing, the vital life force physiology is viewed as a dynamic and conscious response to stimuli. Residing at the “vital domain". The vital domain is both non-material and nonlocal. The vital domain is where the blueprints of  innate functions of living organisms at the physical and cellular level are stored and expressed by the vital life force. This neovitalistic view of physiology imparts a holistic perspective, providing an integrated and meaningful understanding of events and signals at every known level of human functioning. 

Furthermore, Quantum Medicine and Integrative Nutritional Balancing acknowledges the various interlocking components of the vital life force physiology through “teamwork”, "communication" and "cooperation" via interdependent actions and shared physiological functions to evoke regeneration and innate healing.

Harnessing vital life force physiology, and nourishing this innate capacity greatly assists in the restoration of our regenerative capacities, health, and wholeness. In order for the cells and microbiota to thrive, it is imperative that they work together, in harmony.

Ecosystem symbiosis and symbiotic reciprocity with one another, is essential for our normal physiological functioning. As these processes become decoherent and less efficient, tissues and organs cells compose begin to function less effectively due to entropy. Thus, the body at the quantum level becomes less coherent, dynamic and adaptable to the stress of life. 

A key to honoring the vital life force, is by shifting our attention toward its profound interconnected functions.

We have to respect that the vital life force, is our inner physician. The ultimate diagnostician and healer. Increasing the awareness of vital life force malfunction is the fulcrum of ancient therapies and modern quantum medicine.

True healing comes from within, this view very decisively empowers people by allowing them to choose to take the reigns of their health destiny.

In order to have success in healing, it is critical to support and promote all the subtle components of the inner physician into a congruent, and comprehensive operational whole. This represents a departure from the fragmented, analytical, reductionist and deterministic cartesian and newtonian thinking and enables us to integrate a different frame of reference for studying the integration of living systems and their interrelationships.

Symptomatically approaching deficiencies, infections, organs, meridians, the spine, or the subtle resonance of cells, etc. does not encourage the vital life force to function effectively or efficiently, nor does this approach enhance the adaptability, to prime the body to handle stress more effectively to augment adrenal and neuron reciprocity that can be enabled to produce powerful anti-inflammatory hormones and neurotransmitters.

Instead of symptomatic approach, we must focus solely on SUPPORTING, BALANCING, OPTIMIZING, ENERGIZING & RESTORING the innate and self-regulating, self-healing abilities of our cells and microbial counterparts, to maximize metabolic activity at every known and unknown levels of human and vital life force physiology.

Defining and reducing vital life force stressors greatly assists in the maintenance of optimal health and wellbeing. Stress is not solely of emotional or perceptual origin. Environmental pollutants too, are major stressors that are taking a toll on the dynamism of the vital life force physiology by inducing and or promoting inflammation, thymic atrophy, slow wound healing, and lowered resilience.

If we do not find effective clinical ways of removing these stressors, the vital life force will remain in a constant state of stress-defense, subject to a great deal of wear and tear and perhaps heavy metal accumulation. When this happens, our body's immune system may unleash a coordinated attack on the body—damaging cell walls, and releasing pro-inflammatory chemical toxins, digesting the lining of the GI tract, and greatly diminished nourishment, detoxification and regeneration.

Untamed immunological responses allow opportunistic pathogens to exploit the bio-terrain to their own advantage. This is a classic "hallmark" or "characteristic" of diminished adrenal gland functioning, and vital life force  bioactivity. Where prolonged inflammatory states, with good intentions, harm the body and diminish its innate functions. During this overactivity, the vital life force becomes depleted and burnt-out. Leading to an inability to either adapt or shut off toxic chemistry of stress.

Very often this leads to calcification, stiffness, prolonged retracing and emotional expressions such as: sadness, despondency, anxiety, depression, and hopelessness.  All of which are unnecessary side effects of stress overload on the vital life force.

When the vital life force is weakened and overwhelmed, due to imbalances, toxins and commensal deficits, the cells that make up the body no longer sing, but rather scream

Creating miscommunication, leading to decoherent vital body and sapped energy. In addition, the immune system may attack healthy cells, such as the case in autoimmune diseases, multiple sclerosis, or cancer cells.

Typical healing reactions of the life-force are:
1) swelling (healing responses always occurs in a fluid environment), 
2) pain (caused by edema, swelling), 
3) fever and inflammation (due to the increased blood flow into the healing tissue), 
4) discharge (to expel remnants and endogenous by-products of the healing process) potentially mixed with blood (during the reconstruction of tissue capillaries break easily), 
5) night sweats (when TB-Bacteria are involved), headaches (due to swelling of the brain, edema in the organ-related brain area), and fatigue (as the autonomic nervous system experiences a prolonged state of vagotonia / chronic sympathicotonia).

Please consider that if any of these "expressions of life force" are present for multiple months, there is a "stall" in the healing process.