Skin Brushing Method

Brush your skin once a day with a natural-bristle dry skin brush that you can find at health food stores.

  • Start with your arms, front and back, moving from the fingertips up into the armpit, always brushing towards the heart.
  • Then do each leg, front and back, starting with the feet and brushing upward. Follow each leg up through the pelvis, buttocks, abdomen, and lower back. Then do the chest and upper back, always brushing toward the heart.

•Note: If you wish you can lightly do the face and head, using downward strokes. Keep the brush dry (never get it wet). Just as you wouldn’t use someone else’s toothbrush, be sure that only you use your skin brush. If skin brushing is painful, do it lightly and persevere, the discomfort will pass. The chest, abdomen and inner thigh should be done lightly.