mental domain

Lithium, and other Elements

Jaime Lowe shares her story about how she learned that one of the simplest atoms borne from the Big Bang, Lithium held the key to her psychological function.

This podcast also include poetry inspired by the elements and some neat facts about how we are all composed of minerals. 

Micronutrients and the Mind

We give nutrients to people and they get better... 
”When people who aren’t eating very well start to feel better when getting additional nutrients in pill form, they start to make dietary changes. They don’t crave sugar and carbs as much, and we start to see improvements down the road.. 
Once they see the simple effect of the pill and the impact it can have on their behaviour, a light bulb goes on.
— Julia Rucklidge
This talk was given at a local TEDx event, produced independently of the TED Conferences. In this critically important talk, clinical psychologist Julia Rucklidge explores a range of scientific research, including her own, showing the significant role played by nutrition in mental health or illness.

Finding Meaning

Life is information. No expression of form is meaningless, and all form has a purpose.
— John Bumpus
From the moment absurdity is recognized, it becomes a passion, the most harrowing of all. Individuals should embrace the absurd condition of human existence while also defiantly continuing to explore and search for meaning.
— Albert Camus