what is nutrition?

Nutrition, What is it really?

A sound body cannot be made with unsound materials and poor nourishment will inevitably affect the tone of the whole individual's constitution.

The human body is a living organism. Composed of living cells, both the growth and the function of the whole living organism is dependent upon the nourishment of these cells.

If the Cells are not adequately nourished, they cannot perform their duties and thus our physical and psychological capacities diminish. Nutrition, is the cells first priority, without nutrition and adequate nourishment cells cannot adequately perform its service to the whole. 

The purpose of nutrition is to ensure the body is properly constructed in all of its parts and functions efficiently and effectively. Thus, nutrition is the sum of the processes by which the cells that constitute our bodies are nourished. Minimizing exposure to toxic elements which hinder natural biological life processes and block the nourishment of our cells is of great importance and a pillar of Nutrition. 

Nutrition, should not be limited to just dietary intake of nutrients from our diet, or even only the chemical composition of food, well defined Nutrition should also include the subtle vibration of nature which supports the energetic nature of our bodies such as the mind, the environment; air, home, work, movement, social, economic, and even cultural implications such as a restrictive diet or a malnourished microbiota.

In other words, the human body is a living organism, composed of living cells. Nutrition supports both the growth and the function of these cells, and is cells first priority, considering we a conglomeration of cells, in our everyday life, nutrition should also be our number one priority.