More Than “Just” a Nutritional Program.

Integrative Mineral Balancing is much more than a "typical" nutritional program or diet – it's a lifestyle.

Any good lifestyle comes with practice and development.
When John designed the Integrative Mineral Balancing programs, he handpicked specific protocols to enhance its effectiveness.


Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis

Identify your Metabolic Blueprint

Hair tissue mineral analysis is a non-invasive mineral biopsy that measures, with scientific precision, the mineral content of the body using a hair tissue sample.

Hair tissue mineral analysis identifies potential health and micronutrient imbalances by pinpointing mineral levels, ratios and their relationships.


Cellular Detoxification

Purify and cleanse

Nourish your cells with what they need so they can let go of what is no longer serving their function.

Uncover unique protocols designed to enhance the body's organs with the elimination of heavy elements at the cellular level.


Cellular Nutrition

Optimise your biochemistry

Experience cellular nutrition with pharmaceutical grade, high quality supplements and herbal support designed for your unique biochemistry and metabolic rate. 

Discover your metabolic type and nourish your bodies life-force at the cellular level. 



Develop your spirituality

This powerful meditation technique addresses the multidimensional nature of reality in the vital, mental, supramental and communal bodies.

Experience a creative and profound way to integrate, and expand your inner physician.

A Comprehensive Holistic Program, Designed to Enhance the Body's Energy.

Integrative Mineral Balancing is a multidimensional system of healing, that views the body as one complex, self-regulating, whole. It is the result of a synthesis of ancient and modern biological, physiological and biochemical scientific discoveries including; nutritional balancing by Dr Paul Eck, Dr David Watts and Lawrence Wilson, the stages of stress discovered by Dr Hans Selye, sympathetic and parasympathetic balancing as taught by Dr Melvin Page, oxidation types as taught by Dr. George Watson and mineral balancing as taught by Dr William Albrecht, Dr Joel Wallach, and others.

Integrative Mineral Balancing was designed to restore vitality by supporting and promoting the body's optimal functions and innate abilities. This program initiates development, detoxification and healing at a very deep level.

The science of Integrative Mineral Balancing offers specific and practical applications of a Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA), a diet in accordance to with an individuals metabolic rate (as identified by HTMA), detoxification strategies, meditation, and a comprehensive supplement program that is designed to balance the body chemistry safely and effectively that is unique for each individual's oxidation rate, minerals levels and ratios. Integrative Mineral Balancing is a natural detoxification program, and for this reason, we do not advise chelation of toxic elements.

In Integrative Mineral Balancing, hair tissue mineral analysis is used as a metabolic blueprint to identify cellular adaptations and compensations to stress at the cellular level. One of the primary goals of Integrative Mineral Balancing is to balance the body's chemistry and normalize the body's homeostatic mechanisms. This program endows the ability to re-sculpt your future and your potential.

Balance your body's chemistry, with Nutritional Balancing Science

When we balance our mineral ratios and nourish the body's cells, and microflora are provided with adequate nutrition, energy becomes instantly accessible for total body transformation. The innate intelligence, or the inner physician of the body, becomes empowered with the resources and catalysts that are required to eliminate more than two dozen toxic metals, hundreds of toxic chemicals, and a number of chronic infections from deep layers of our bodies.  

Years of physical, biochemical, emotional, and environmental toxins build up and disturb the harmonic balance of our body and deplete vital nutrients such as magnesium, and zinc. Imbalances in these important minerals, generally influence a cascade of biochemical compensations which can result in the accumulation of toxic metals (Heavy) or less preferred micronutrients.

In other words, the body begins to utilize inferior materials in an effort to preserve the precious balance of minerals in the bloodThe overall result is a loss of efficiency in the dynamic equilibrium (homeostasis) of the bio-terrain. Many enzymes, vitamin and detoxification pathways are inhibited by imbalanced or inadequate minerals levels. This inadequacy diminishes the functioning of body's innate healing capacity and overall cellular communication.

Therapeutic Principles of Nutritional Balancing Include:

  • Naturally Increase your Energy.

  • Improve your vitality, strength, and adaptability.

  • Enhance and nourish the healing intent of the body's inner physician, the vital life force.

  • Balance your hormones and cellular metabolic rate to increase fertility, health, and overall well-being.

  • Augment deep healing, mineral balancing, supernutrition and detoxification at a cellular level.

  • Replace less preferred minerals with more preferred minerals in millions of enzyme binding sites to naturally detoxify heavy metals safely and effectively.

  • Develop your Superorganism Potential.

A synthesis of principles healing sciences and traditions including: 

  • Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA)

  • Oriental Sciences

  • Nutritional Balancing and Orthomolecular Sciences

  • Traditional Naturopathy

  • Cybernetics and Systems theory

  • Stress theory of Disease

  • Biological Terrain

  • Cellular Nutrition

  • Metabolic Typing (Eck & Watts)

  • Biological transmutation of elements

  • Holography and other engineering concepts.

  • Quantum Physics, subtle energy and biophotonic coherence and much more!